Covid-19 Phased Return Risk Plan – Updated 22nd October 2020


Risk assessment completed by: Claire Majumdar

This risk assessment has been sent to all staff and parents. For reference, it is also published on our school website.


At Tudor Academy we have 647 children on roll. We are fortunate to have a large site to accommodate this number of children. Whilst it is not possible to ensure a totally risk-free environment, as the site used to be two schools, we are also able to more easily ‘zone’ areas to ensure the children operate in smaller bubbles across the school. The zones / bubbles will not mix throughout the school day.

The system of controls set out in the below risk assessment have been implemented in line with DfE guidance.

Should there be an outbreak of infection it will be assessed if a zone would need to close, or if the whole academy would need to close. This will be based on Trust and Public Health / DfE advice.

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