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International Primary Curriculum

At our Academy we believe it is every children’s right to:

  • Learn essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects.
  • Engage with their learning in a fun, inquisitive way that will help them to remain committed to learning throughout their school careers and lives.
  • Develop personal qualities they need to be good citizens and to respond to the changing contexts of their future lives.
  • Develop a sense of their own nationality and culture and at the same time as developing a great respect for the nationalities and cultures of others.

The Head of Academy and SLT will plan the opportunities and themes for the children alongside the teachers and subject leaders in school. The themes chosen will allow for all children to access the topic content, whilst also differentiating opportunities for the children to support and extend them too. Children will be encouraged to carry out independent research which will also allow for personal extension.

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