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Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Inspiring Excellence for All

The vision of Tudor Rose directly supports our mission of 'Inspiring Excellence for All.' Through Tudor Rose we make it possible for every child to successfully participate in mainstream education and to achieve strong academic and social outcomes. We recognise that some children need additional support to access mainstream schooling, therefore we actively identify these needs and provide an alternative approach to effectively help them overcome their challenges.

The primary aim of Tudor Rose is to provide a nurture provision for children who are at high risk of exclusion by effectively replacing missing distorted early nurturing experiences. We recognise that poor behaviour is often an occurrence due to an unmet need whether this be related to social, emotional or mental health needs.  These pupils often find it difficult to form trusting relationships with adults or to respond appropriately to other children making them not ready to meet the social and intellectual demands of school life.

Nurture provisions have proven to;

·         Increase educational engagement
·         Reduce exclusions
·         Ensure academic progress
·         Foster emotional wellbeing
·         Reduce aggression and incidents of withdrawn behaviours
·         Create a more inclusive ethos
·         Remove barriers for learning for ALL children

"On average, Social and Emotional Learning interventions have an identifiable and significant impact on attitudes to learning, social relationships in school, and attainment itself (four months' additional progress on average)."
Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit

Tudor Rose has an overarching aim to ensure all children in the nurture provision are able to access the curriculum and reintegrate back into the mainstream classes. Alongside the nurture focused curriculum, there is a high focus on academic learning in two small, supportive class environments. All children reintegrate in to the mainstream for at least one lesson per day. During their 6-week course they build up to full time reintegration back in to the main stream. During the reintegration process children are fully supported to ensure they are successful.

Parents of children within Tudor Rose are encouraged to complete our Families Connect Early Help support programme.

Tudor Rose is a unique provision which we are proud of. Children are able to have a place of security and personalised support. The additional features such as morning family breakfast and the sensory room provide the children with a wider curriculum fitting for their recognised needs.

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