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Inspiring Excellence for All

At Tudor we are committed to providing a unique curriculum filled with experiences that enthuse, engage and challenge our children. Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing world. Our curriculum aims to provide pupils with core skills which we feel are relevant for the world they are growing up in and the relevant future skills they will need to enable them to grow into successful adults.

Our curriculum enables our pupils to think critically, work collaboratively, to problem solve, to build their resilience, to work independently, to build their confidence, to take risks and to develop their communication skills.

Across the school day all learning incorporates the core skills of collaboration, team work, independent learning, critical thinking, fluency and communication.

Mathematics Fluency- All children across the school start their day with Maths Meetings, where their number fluency is developed.

Success for All Literacy curriculum- Our Success For All curriculum groups pupils for Literacy sessions based on their stage, and not on their age. This ensures that every child receives the bespoke support to develop their reading and comprehension skills. Children are assessed every 6 weeks and make rapid progress across the school. SFA includes intensive professional development, on-going coaching support, and data tools to give teachers feedback on how children are learning and where they need additional teaching or extra help.

Mathematics / Mathematics Mastery - At our Academy we follow a mastery approach to mathematics, whilst Reception and Year 1 follow the Maths Mastery programme. This approach ensures our curriculum provides:Fluency in the fundamental skills of maths, opportunities in every lesson for children to apply their knowledge, challenge through depth, high expectations of language and vocabulary.

Children receive daily maths lessons where they work collaboratively and cooperatively with each other in order to succeed. Lessons provide children with the opportunity to learn in practical ways to deepen their understanding.

Discovery (IPC) - During the afternoon across the academy children take part in Discovery lessons (the International Primary Curriculum). This is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. The discovery curriculum continues to encourage collaborative, as well as personalised learning. Subjects covered in depth across the year include Science, Geography, History, Music, Art and Global Citizenship.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) - Children have Philosophy lessons where they explore a range of philosophical questions and learn to think critically.

Safeguarding Curriculum – During the Spring Term there are a series of lessons across the school linked to key safeguarding themes such as E-Safety, Road Safety and PANTS.

Growing up, Growing Wise Curriculum – During the Summer Term children across the school learn about friendships, relationships and changes to their body as they grow up.

Computing- Children have weekly computing lessons with our specialist Mr Spiller. Children have the opportunity to learn key computing and programming skills.

French - Children have weekly French lessons led by our French teacher Madame Jacquinot.

Sport - Sport plays an important part of the Tudor curriculum and children take part in extended weekly sports sessions led by our sports coaches – Mr B, Mr T and Mr H! As part of this curriculum children in some year groups will have the opportunity to take part in weekly swimming lessons.

Accelerated reader / Everyone Reading In Class (ERIC) / Home Learning / Class story - Through all of the above the children get to apply their reading skills and read for pleasure. Our newly opened library and Accelerated Reader programme allow the children to explore a range of books.

Children will also have the opportunity to take part in gardening sessions, cooking lessons and taking care of our chickens. Home Learning: Please see the separate Home Learning Information to ensure you are up to date with the learning your child will bring home each week.

Curriculum Booklets

Assessment at Tudor Academy

At Tudor Academy we believe that assessment is on-going, and comes from knowing and understanding the learning needs of every single child.

Marking and feedback are immediate throughout every lesson. The conferencing process allows every child to make rapid academic progress, whatever their stage of learning.

Senior leaders are non-class based and there is a senior leader linked to every year group. The role of the senior leader is not only to develop the learning and teaching in every classroom, but also to ensure that assessment is an integral part of the daily routine. Every senior leader is also responsible for ensuring that all children within their year groups make rapid progress.

Between 3.30-4pm daily reflection meetings are held for every year group, hosted by the link senior leader. The meetings are a further opportunity to reflect on the learning that has taken place and the needs of each child in the year group. Where needed, learning is adapted for the following day.

The 'Prove It' is a good opportunity for on-going assessment throughout the lesson. Following the I- We - You model, children have the opportunity to independently prove they have grasped the learning.

In Success For All, the children are assessed at the end of every 6-week cycle. As children are taught by stage not age, groups are reshuffled at this point based on the assessment outcomes and professional judgment.

Summative assessment takes place at the end of every term. Children complete the PIRA / PUMA testing and data is collated within the academy and across the Trust.

As well as PIRA / PUMA testing children also complete termly phonics, grammar, writing, maths and reading papers.

Following the summative testing, teachers meet with senior leaders to discuss the progress of every child and where appropriate interventions are put in place to support individual learners. Precision teaching is used to support individual children across the Academy.

To ensure accuracy of judgement moderations are held across year groups, across the Academy, with Applegarth Academy, across the Trust as well as with the Local Authority. Three members of the Tudor staff are Local Authority Moderators and have vast experience in supporting staff with accuracy of judgement.

Progression of Skills

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