Times of the School Day

The School Day

Start time:

Our doors open at 8:30am and close at 8:45am

End Time:

The end of the School day is at 3:15pm for all classes.



Our Academy is organised into three key stages:


Nursery :

Morning Session: 8:30am to 11:30am

Afternoon Session 12:15pm-3:15pm


Morning Session:  8:45am -11:30am

Afternoon session: 12:30pm – 3:30pm


Key Stage 1

Year 1 & Year 2

Morning Session: 8:45am - 11:50am

Afternoon session 12:50pm – 3:15pm


Key Stage 2

Year 3 & Year 4

Morning Session: 8:45am – 12:15pm

Afternoon session: 1:15- 3:15pm

Year 5 & Year 6

Morning Session: 8:45am – 12:15pm

Afternoon session: 1:15pm – 3:15pm




Monday 2:45pm – 3pm Rewards Assembly

Wednesday 2:45pm - 3pm  Key Stage Assemblies



Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club starts at 7:30am and finishes at 8:45am

Nurture Breakfast starts at 8:20 and finishes at 8:45am


After School Clubs

After School Clubs run from 3:15pm to 4:15pm on Monday to Fridays