Pastoral Care

At Tudor we aim all children to be in a safe and happy place, ready to learn.  We recognise that in order to achieve this some children will need support understanding that the journey they have been on may be unique to them.  To achieve this we have systems and where necessary create tailored plans to support them to accomplish this aiming to flourish at school, home and beyond.

Our commitment to pastoral care goes beyond the classroom. We recognise that each child is unique, and their well-being is paramount to their success. Our learning mentors provide a nurturing and empathetic presence, ensuring that every student feels heard and valued.

Our pastoral care program focuses on creating a safe and inclusive space where children can express themselves, develop essential social and emotional skills and build resilience. We believe that when students are emotionally supported, they are better equipped to engage with their learning journey and navigate life's challenges.

Our learning mentors work closely with students, parents, and teachers to identify and address individual needs. Whether it's offering guidance on personal development, resolving conflicts, or providing a listening ear during difficult times, our mentors are dedicated to fostering a positive and supportive school community.


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